science week!


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We have had an amazing week of science in year6 and year6a, with our awesome teachers  Miss Bradley, Mrs Cooley and Mrs Bailey thank you for making it so fun. On Monday we researched the human body (the heart)and the blood circulation so we did the bleep test Mason and Blyth lasted the longest! On Tuesday we looked at the different creatures we could fined, in our peaceful pond in our quod. We also looked at the different leaves we could fined in our out side area that laps the school. Finely we looked at the creatures and drew them in our fantastic living things project books. so over all the last few days has been spectacular I wish we could do it again.


Thank you for reading this and thank you teachers for every thing you do!

By Elby

Where it all began!!!


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Washed up by the shore, layed a beautiful tomboy-Milly. Wiping and rinsing her amber soaking hair across her damp shoulder that’s when she heard a thump… THUMP! THUMP! CROAK! CROAK! A rough manly voice came from behind her, she tilted her head and could only see the glistening enchanted ocean. She turned worriedly a little more and…………………………………………………………….. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” A wrinkly hand appeared on her shoulder.

“Young lady I have been waiting for this moment .”                                                “What asked Milly.                                                                                                                                                         “You must go on a journey, you must travel across the desert of doom , the mountains of mysteries, past the river of eternity, through the swamp of souls, around the volcano of vileness, grab the crystal orb of destiny and place it on the podium in the cave of courage. Then travel back through the forest of fear and over the river of eternity.” The voice explained.                                                                                    Really-are you kidding me ?” questioned Milly.

Traveling across the dessert of doom, a bronze tornado reached out and grabbed Milly. She and her amber hair waved and spun around. Reaching the bottom of the tornado, she teleported. Where will her next journey start…?

Falling from the sky Milly looked down and could only see the crocodiles and alligators. Landing in the water a green shiny lily pads  appeared  beneath her butt. Thankfully her legs were flexible so she jumped on and of the lily pads to shore. This is when she found out she was in the swamp of souls.

“So I’ve already made it across the desert of doom, over the mountains of mysteries, over the river eternity and now I’m in the swamp of souls,” Milly exclaimed speaking to herself. So Milly carried on with her journey and  found the volcano of vileness -which was spewing lava-.

Floating up, the smoke clouds go getting bushier and fluffier.  Then she saw something black flying through the sky it picked her up and took her to the crystal orb of destiny. She grabbed the orb and placed it on the podium in the cave of courage. Then she flew back on the black thing , which turned out to be a dragon. When she got back  the voice hid in the darkness and said” hello dragon of destiny.”                                                                                                                                  “Well done Milly ,” the voice proudly said. The voice came out of the darkness and it happened to be her long lost mum…


Chichen Itza


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Bound together,

To parry death is impossible,

A soul consumer temple,

It is the  gloomiest place on earth,

Tonight would be their last feast.

Dangerous, deadly, destructive,

This ancient temple is humongous,

Ferociously the thunder clapped,

They arose to the beast for the last time.




By Ashleigh Parry




Chichen Itza!


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Amazed, speechless, surprised,

The towering pyramid stood before me.

Incredible, spectacular, wonderful,

I climbed the peaceful steps.

Beautiful, glamorous, stunning,

The ancient marks on the walls move me.

Consume, devour, swallow,

The pyramid lures me in.


By Elby

Project Pros!


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These children are working so hard on their Wonders of the World project!!



Project Pros! on PhotoPeach

Magical maths learning!


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Working in groups, different teams of Y6s tried really difficult challenges.  Peer ‘gurus’ were the experts who helped and led each group.  We had 10 different activities linked to fractions.  Some of these activities included: equivalent fraction games; converting between fractions and decimals; dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting fractions and working with improper fractions and mixed numbers.


Mrs Cooley, Mrs Fearnley and Miss Bradley were very proud of the mature, helpful, focussed attitude of the children.  Now that’s what Y6 learning should look like!!

Super maths learning! on PhotoPeach

Lincoln Castle


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Lincoln Castle on PhotoPeach

Lincoln Castle trip


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Year 6 had a fantastic day out at Lincoln Castle.  We have been learning about invaders and settlers and visited Lincoln Castle to learn more about two very famous invaders of the British Isles: the Romans and the Normans.

On arriving at the castle, we had the opportunity to walk the walls and listen to an educational talk.  We saw the arrow slits that Norman archers would have used for defence when we descended down into one of the towers.  It turns out a hole in the bottom of the wall was a Norman toilet! We enjoyed some incredible views from the walls, especially as it was a clear, bright day.

We then learnt some Roman marching drills before taking part in a medieval banquet, where we dressed up and learnt a medieval dance as well as listening to our jesters tell some jokes.

Finally, we re-enacted a battle, dressing up and acting out the drama, before charging up the hill to attack the castle walls.

It was a really busy and active day and much enjoyed by all.



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Our new classroom is GREAT!! Although it does stink, it stinks of nail varnish, which I am used to but not in school. Miss Bradley said that when she walked into the classroom it was empty… no tables, no chairs, no display boards so she made it look more like a class room. Our corridor is the one that stands out the most because it is the only one with white walls so everyone likes it the best. Everyone always likes to come this way to the dining hall. Being in our new classroom makes it a new and fresh start for class 6, 6a, the office and Mr Pullin. We are all happy that we are in are new compatible classrooms.

By Ashleigh Parry.

The Battle of Hastings


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Dear Diary,

What a victory that was!                                                                                                                                                                      Aching I may be and sore after 8 hours on the battle field, it feels like my legs are going to drop off.


We arrived  at about 8am, my selfish leader William fell, we thought does this mean death? Funnily enough, he managed turn it around and he had the world in his wrinkly hand. This worked, falling was a good thing and now William rules London!


One after another soldiers fell dramatically to the muddy floor. I was a night in shinny, heavy chain armour, riding into battle. I was able to chop his long leg of after his hairy head was sliced of first.


This tremendous fight is a very large and  unforgettable  fight. Hopefully this fight will be known for centuries – it is to be known as the Battle of Hastings.

By Caitlin